Manta Ray Night Dive

What dive trip to the big island would be complete without a Manta Night Dive. My wife, son, and I all did the Manta Dive with Jack’s Diving Locker. We did the late afternoon dive and then the Manta Dive after the sun set.

We met up with boat and took our Dramamine just to make sure that we didn’t get sick being out on the boat at night, with no horizon or reference point. Once the boat got to Keauhou Bay we then dropped into the water to do a dive while waiting for the sun to go down. This was a nice warm up dive for us and we we’re excited to see more of the big island from below. There wasn’t a lot of difference between diving here and diving in Oahu. We didn’t really see anything that we hadn’t seen before. We surfaced for about an hour and then descended down after dark hoping to see some mantas. We were not disappointed we had a couple that came around to visit us and swim through and eat. It was really a cool experience to see these majestic creatures swim through the water and effortless glide around and do loop de loops over us and around us.

While this is a dive done at night, it really isn’t. With all of the light above by people on surfboards, the baskets of lights on the sea floor, and all of the people down below with lights, it is basically brighter than the day. In fact when you swim around you see balls of light that I am pretty sure are brighter than the sun and just as blinding. So really you don’t need to be an advanced diver to do this dive, just the ability to dive should be enough to enable you to experience this truly exceptional experience.

Diving Anacapa island

Third last weekend I went diving on Anacapa island. Well rather beside the island and a little bit under it. Good trip taken with Bluewater Photo and on the Peace dive boat out of Ventura. The visibility wasn’t great, but the nudibranchs and other things were worth the trip. Below are some of the shots taken on my a6300 camera in the nautical housing with the 16-50 lens. Some I used the bwp macro lens attachment.

Diving the rigs for the shootout

I participated in the shootout again this year and dove the rigs to get my shots for submission. Not my best shots and probably not a winner in them, but I decided to submit the best of what I had. Needed to have some more practice before the event and just didn’t make it out this time to be ready for the shootout. Diving the rigs was nice though, 3 really good dives in nice water.

SoCal Shootout

I entered the Blue Water Photo SoCal Shootout a couple of weeks ago. I dove with Blue Water Photo on their Cali rigs trips. I had a great time on the rigs and one of the shots that I took got an Honorable Mention. Feel really good about this since this was my underwater photo contest I had entered.

Diving Santa Cruz Island

This past weekend I was on a diving trip with Blue Water Photo, who I get most of my underwater gear from. Great trip on a boat, I hadn’t been on before. The water was warm, the sun was bright what more could you ask for? Well I guess one thing is that it would have been nice to not feel like we were getting tossed around by the waves on the way out to the island. Aside from some Sea Sickness and other misery it was a good trip. Here are some of the shots from that trip:

Chamber Day

This past Wednesday was Chamber Day, this is a day that is used to support the Hyperbaric Chamber on Catalina Island for Divers. This Chamber is only used for Divers and for accidents that happen while diving. It only has one 1 fulltime employee and the rest are volunteers. This was the first year I could get away from work so that I could participate in the day. It starts on a dive boat and then you get to spend time on Catalina Island talking to various people. La County Sheriffs, Coastguard, and some of the Chamber operators. It is topped off by a dinner at the Aquarium, I didn’t stay for that. These are just some shots of the La County Dive boat, the Chamber, and the Coast Guard Helicopter that we got to watch take off.

This is the Hardhat, Rover, and Sonar that is used by the La County Sheriff to do their work.