Out in the Snow

During Christmas we spent a day up in Big Bear playing in the snow at our in laws. We had a good time, had a snowball fight, and built a snowman. The dogs took out the child and made him their snow carpet. It was really cold and there was a heck of a lot of snow up there. Driving up was an interesting endeavor with all of the people that had no idea how to actually drive their cars. The Subaru Outback handled going up and down the mountain like a champ. Really enjoy driving that car up and down.

Big Bear

Spent New Years in Big Bear no snow fell, but there was plenty on the ground. The child and I went out and played in the snow and took some shots of the new car out in the snow. Here are some shots taken with the IPhone 6+ while we were out playing. Had a good time throwing snow at each other.