Fisheye Fun

Got a fisheye attachment for my A6300 decided to mess around and shot my dog, because they were lazy and not doing much. They were nice enough to lay around and let me shoot at them. The only issue was they kept wanting to lick the lens when I got to close.

Diving the rigs for the shootout

I participated in the shootout again this year and dove the rigs to get my shots for submission. Not my best shots and probably not a winner in them, but I decided to submit the best of what I had. Needed to have some more practice before the event and just didn’t make it out this time to be ready for the shootout. Diving the rigs was nice though, 3 really good dives in nice water.

Doves Nesting

Saw these two birds outside of my window while I was working from home one day. It was funny watching the male constantly try to bring back stuff for the nest and for the female bird ignore it and let it fall to the ground. Definitely noticed some passive aggressive tendencies from the female.

Dove's Nesting

Dove’s Nesting